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Sandanski is a heavenly place, a pearl in the crown of Bulgaria and famous for its divine nature and millennial history. Here you will find interesting sights and places, you will meet friendly people and while you taste delicious and sip a thick melnik wine you will be acquainted with the unique folklore and traditions.

Already at the entrance to Sandanski on the road, at the fork with the main road Sofia-Kulata-Athens, visitors see the architectural-sculptural complex, among which stands the 7-meter white-stone figure of the ancient hero Spartak.

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Innovation in Sandanski

Visiting the Archaeological Museum in the city you will immerse yourself in an innovative world that will introduce you to the era of Roman architecture and 3D rendering of a Roman mosaic.

Holographic image of Spartacus will meet you with its authentic appearance, will tell you the interesting story of the Thracian assistant troops and Gladiator school.

To feel truly spirited by the great Bulgarian history, visit the town of Melnik and there you will again feel the innovative spirit of the region, before you will hologram the oldest bell in the world and with one touch of you will hear its real ring , which will start until your next visit to Sandanski and Melnik.

A true experience for small and large – to see and feel in one place our ancient history and the most modern innovative technology, live in the town of Sandanski and the region. We are waiting for you!

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If you are planning your vacation in Sandanski or are already here, we have interesting ideas that we have formed in several thematic catalogs, including dozens of suggestions on how to fully organize your stay. We will challenge your passion and aspirations for new experiences, motivate you to acquire new skills and discover hidden talents and abilities.

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