Welcome to Sandanski !



Sandanski is a corner of paradise, a pearl in the crown of Bulgaria and famous for its divine nature and thousand-year history. Here you will find interesting sights and places, you will meet friendly people, and while eating delicious food and sipping thick Melnik wine, you will get to know the unique folklore and traditions. As soon as they enter Sandanski on the road, at the junction with the main Sofia-Kulata-Athens road, visitors see the architectural-sculptural complex, among which stands the 7-meter white stone figure of the ancient hero Spartacus.


Thousand years of history

In the center of the city is the Archaeological Museum with the remains of the Episcopal Basilica, which has preserved physical evidence for more than 27 centuries.

In the archaeological museum, you will be greeted by a holographic image of Spartacus – 3D digitized, which will show you how he arranges the Roman mosaic through a mobile application.

The Church of St. George from 1861 deserves special attention – the only preserved building from the time of the Renaissance.



Sandanski is proud of its unique city park, named in 1981. Saint Vrach. There are over 200 Mediterranean plant species on its territory. The city is famous for its sycamore trees, two of which are natural attractions – the sycamore in the city center (550 years old and 23 m high) and the sycamore tree in the summer bathhouse (500 years old and 26 m high).
The park provides excellent opportunities for recreation and entertainment. The stadium, summer theater, outdoor pool, man-made lake with water wheels and boats are located here.

Hand in hand with ancient beauty and modern luxury

Sandanski is a city that attracts many tourists throughout the year. It is located at the foot of Mount Pirin. Thanks to its climate and location, Sandanski is considered one of the warmest cities in Bulgaria. Spend an amazing spa break in the city. It is rich in mineral springs and preserved nature. The city's unique and huge garden is well maintained.