Welcome in Melnik


Melnik is a fairytale town with unique fascination and romance, preserving to a considerable extent its ancient architecture from the Middle Ages and the Bulgarian Renaissance. With unique archeological and architectural and artistic attractions, the town of Melnik has been declared a town-museum as part of a cultural and historical reserve of international importance and is of particular importance for the development of tourism on the territory of the municipality.


Melnik is a fairy tale town where everything seems to have frozen as it ever was. The city is an architectural reserve that has preserved to a large extent its original Medieval and Revival architecture. Melnik has amazing archaeological and architectural-art sights that make the city’s charm even bigger.


Near the town are Melnik pyramids. They represent a unique natural entity that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is believed that this kind of pyramids have been acquired by the erosion of the clay soil. The Melnik pyramids are in the process of being shaped, and their appearance and shape change over time. Apart from the pyramidal shape, the sand formations have the form of mushrooms, cones, needles, etc. The pyramids have a height of 100 meters. Typical of the Pyramids of Melnik is that the slopes are sandy, in vertical places, and deciduous plants and grasses grow on the peaks.

Magical place

The smallest town in Bulgaria (208 people), Melnik, is hidden in the southern slopes of Pirin, among sandy pyramids with bizarre shapes. It is located in the municipality of Sandanski, Blagoevgrad region, 175 km south of Sofia and only about 30 km from the border with Greece. Archaeological finds found in ancient times testify to its centuries-old history.