Balneology in Sandanski

Sandanski is an ideal place for modern climatotherapy, balneological treatment, rehabilitation, primary and secondary prevention and recreation. The town has been known since ancient times and generously endowed by nature with abundant mineral waters, healing air and climate. Long-standing scientific research confirms the effective healing properties of Sandanski and in March 1981. with an order of the Council of Ministers the resort has been recognized as a primary climatic and balneological center of national and international importance. The climate of the town of Sandanski is unique – transitional continental with a pronounced Mediterranean influence. It is called “the Bulgarian climate of the South" because of the many favorable bioclimatic constants. Spring comes here early, followed by dry, sometimes hot summer, and a long and warm autumn passes after mid-December in a mild winter. An inexhaustible natural source of health, beauty and energy are the mineral waters of Sandanski. They are clear, colorless, odorless and tasteful: silicon – 70-135 mg metasilicic acid per liter, fluorine – up to 6.5mm fluorine per liter, hyperthermal – from 42 to 810C, low mineralized, hydrocarbon sulphate-sodium light alkaline reaction. They are suitable for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, peripheral nervous system, joint-rheumatoid, renal, rehabilitation after strokes, etc.

The terraced and diverse terrains in the surroundings create conditions for field treatment. Against the backdrop of natural resources, a unique mild climate and the availability of mineral springs, excellent opportunities for comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and prophylaxis are offered.

Climate treatment – aerotherapy, heliotherapy;
Kinesitherapy – curative gymnastics – individual and group, underwater gymnastics, healing massage, terrain treatment, yoga gymnastics;
Aerosolotherapy – individual inhalations with mineral water, herbs and medicaments;
Physiotherapy – Light Treatment, Electrotherapy, Magnetic Field Treatment, Laser Therapy;
Balneotherapy – baths with mineral water, underwater massage, outdoor and indoor mineral pools, sauna park;
Cryotherapy, thermal therapy, paraffin therapy;
Sandanski is a suitable place for climatotherapy throughout the year. Climate treatment is recommended to be about 30 days, and in order to fully show the healing effect in the patients – twice a year.

Balneology in the region


Rupite is known for its healing mineral water (75 ° C) with a high sulfur content, which springs from the crater of the extinct 4,000,000 years ago, the Kojuh volcano. The supply of these thermal springs has been known since ancient times, and their first explorers were the Sinti tribes living in these lands, who created their own city here – Heraclea Sintica. Next to the park of Vanga and the temple “Sveta Petka bulgarska" there is a beach with 3 wards – male, female and general. In the masculine and lady’s ward there are two pools, one with only mineral water and the other with healing algae. For hundreds of years people have been visiting small natural pools in the area containing curative mud and algae.

The mineral water of Rupite is recommended for treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, locomotor system, Burger’s disease, prostate, disc herniation, radiculitis, rheumatism, sterility etc.

Marikostinovo and the village of Katuntsi

Renew your Energy

Mineral water “Reverend Stoyna", village of Katuntsi

In the area of ​​the village of Katuntsi there are several wells, from which spring mineral waters. The drilling water 236 HG contains rare minerals in the Balkans. While fluoride accompanies all the thermal waters from the Struma River and the surrounding area, its presence is negligible in this mineral water. With regard to its physicochemical composition, water is characterized as thermal, weak mineralized, hydrocarbon and sodium, with silver ions. The water is used for bottling as a natural mineral water “Reverend Stoyna".