Tour De Sandanski

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  • Средна
  • Неопределен брой участници


Organizers: STEVENS and the olimpic champion Olaf Ludwig, with the support of Pirin Park hotel – Sharlopov hotel chain.

Idea: a one week “time out” in Sandanski, fitness, wellness and becoming acquainted with the nature and people in the region.

Description: daily cycling tours in two ability groups – advanced (headed by former professional racers, such as Michael Schiffner, 40 км per day) and professional racers (headed by Olaf Ludwig, 80 км per day). The organizers provide professional bicycles, type ASPIN.


  • the surroundings of Sandanski, thermal springs (35 км)
  • tour to Greece (75 км) and tour to Macedonia (110 км)
  • tour to the Rila monastery (100 км) and tour to Bansko (golf-complex and ski track) (85 км)
  • tour to the Pirin mountains (15 км)
  • tour to Rozhen and Melnik (70 км)

When: September and May                                               

Site:  www.tour-de-sandanski.dе

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