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Maleshevo mountains are located in the highest part of the Republic of Macedonia. The border with the Republic of Bulgaria stretches along the ridge of the mountain massif. The mound is about 32 kilometers long. The highest point is the Kadijevica peak, 1932 meters. All the peaks of the Maleshevo massif are located west of Berovo, at a distance of not more than 20 km. More than 100 natural resources are located in the territory of Maleshevo. The Berovo Lake has a very important hydrographic and tourist function, built in 1970 in the locality Linakot. The lake is only 5 km away from Berovo, 2.5 km long and the average width is 0.5 km. It is located at an altitude of 986 m and its surface is 0.75 square km.

A transversal path linking the southernmost and northernmost part of Maleshevia stretches from the Translated (1200 m) to the top Kadiica (1932 m.), The total length is 45 km, on a climb of a height difference of 730 m. Time of passing 12 hours. Due to the length and transverse nature of the path, it is recommended to use local leaders. A place for rest in the village. Dvoriste, Bacila near Karaula Divina, the motel in the removal of Klepalska Reka, near the descent at Ravna Reka. Translated (1200 nm) Alternative climb from Palazzle (Strumica part): – climb to the peak Ograzden (1746 m.), Difference 550 m, 3-4 hours. Garden (920 nm), height difference of 860 m, download in 2 hours and 30 minutes, – climb to the top Babin Chukar (1406 nm), difference 480 m, passing time 1.5-2 hours. Departure 200m to the Zamanichka River and climbing to Divna (1366 nm), mildly descending to the Klepalska river and gradually climbing through the village of Dabecev, Chemerikov too, Ravna Reka, Pobijen kamen, Chengino Kale – the most eastern point of the Republic of Macedonia (1748 nm ) from where the border line with the Republic of Bulgaria moves with insignificant oscillations to the highest peak Kadijiq (1932 nm).

It extends from the Berovo Lake (1000 meters), through Babin Chukar (1403 meters) and the village Ratevo (920 meters) to the final destination Berovo (840 meters). Overall length 21.5 km. Time of passing 6-7 hours. The trail passes through several sheepfolds and is recommended by local escorts. Rest areas Berovo Lake, sheepfolds near Babin Chukar, v. Ratevo and Berovo. The highest altitude difference of climbing is 400 meters with insignificant oscillations and gradual ascent. It starts from a tourist settlement Berovo Lake with an initial climb of 100 m to the peak Shaban (1090 m) and passes the vastly vivid forestland of white pine that gradually turns into beech forest. Through Babin Chukar returns, through spacious pastures and a rare pine forest through the village. Ratevo to Berovo.

Berovo Lake (1000 m.) Through Pecs Chukar (1490 m.), Breza (1443 m.), Ravna River, Parkac to Berovo. Total length of the trail 25.6 km. Climbing time 7 hours. The trail passes through several sheepfolds and is recommended by local escorts. Holiday resort Berovo Lake, Birch Birch, Ravna Reka, Berovo. The trail passes through a beech and pine forest.

The walking trail from Berovo (Juovets) through the tourist settlement Ablanica to the Berovo Lake, realized within the framework of the project “In the footsteps of Grandpa”. The total length of the track is 6 km. The trail passes through the plains and forestlands through the river Bregalnica under the crowns of numerous oaks, beech and pine trees. After the course of the track you will enjoy the richness of medicinal herbs and forest fruits. The trail is provided with two rest areas where you can take a breath in the fresh air and is adapted for cycling.

The path of the Ilinden fighters is the place where the great revolutionary Damjan Gruev died in 1906. The trail is 15 km long and passes in 5 hours. The trail starts from s. Rusinovo (930 meters) through the peak Petletec (1250 meters) which is about 100 meters lower than the top at 1350 meters and returns back to the village. Rusinovo.

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