Bishop John’s basilica

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  • The basilica was built in V century. It is the next in time Episcopal Church in the ancient city. It was discovered in 1960. while building a Youth House in the city center. Studied partly, only in its western half, as the eastern is under canvas on the Macedonia street and under the buildings against her. Revealed are the outer and inner narthex, two lateral premises and the western part of the naos. The unexplored eastern half of the church does not allow to clarify with how many apses has been finished the church and what form they had. The floors of the Church were covered with multi-colored mosaic with geometrical, plant and animal ornaments. Each symbol that the ancient muzivariy have used is part of the early Christian semiotic system. One can see beautiful panels depicting birds (a symbol of heaven), fishes (a symbol of Christ) and flowers (a symbol of eternal life). Of particular interest is the middle panel in the inner narthex, where is inserted a Greek inscription. From there we learn that the building was built by Bishop John. The text reads: “You want to know who built the magnificent building that enjoys the eyes with its beauty. This is John a man reasonable and wise, who got to take care of bishop’s throne and had as its predecessor the pious man named O… “. To the west of the church was spread a courtyard. Today there is the Archaeological Museum of Sandanski.

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