Saint John the Baptist Church

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It is situated in the northwestern part of the town of Melnik, on the right bank of Melnik River. The local population calls it saint Yani.

The church was built in XVIII-XIX c. It is a monument of culture of national importance as part of Melnik cultural and historic reserve. The temple is richly decorated with colourful wall paintings. The columns are decorated with coloured garlands and flowers; it has bouquets on the iconostasis. Over the iconostasis there are a coloured rooster and soaring birds and doves and colourful pea-cocks on the Episcopal throne. The iconostasis and royal gates are of great artistic value. The collection of icons, part of them painted by Lazar Argirov and Yakov Nikolay, are also unique.

In this temple unlike other churches there are two rows of balconies, one for women and one for girls, while the men and boys used to stay downstairs.

At the moment Saint John the Baptist Church functions as a cemetery church of the town of Melnik.

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