Hiking in the Pirin Mountains

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  • Трудна
  • Неопределен брой участници
  • от 1 до 3 дни



HOLY FATHER – 3 hours (half an hour of climbing)

Program: We start from Tremoshnitsa region, where the Bulgarian saint – John of Rila lived, before he moved to the Great Rila desert. After half an hour of climbing, we get to the temple, built in his memory. We can step inside the cave where he used to spend his days and nights in prayer. Our trip ends in Vlaovitsa region.

PIRIN SPRING WATER – 6 hours (1-hour climbing, 5 hours of walking)

Program: We start from Popina Laka region (1230 asl), where the nature landmark Popina Laka waterfall is found. It is 15 m high and is part of Bashliitsa River. We head towards the water intake of the rivers Mozgovitsa and Bashliitsa and enter Pirin National Park. Here you can catch one of the tastiest river fish – trout. Fishing is allowed from the beginning of April, but only during the light part of the day (at weekends and holidays). After a short break we continue to Sarchaliitsa region and the water intake of Sarchaliitsa River. We go back to Popina Laka surrounded by the clean and fresh air and the smell of conifers.


Program: Visit of the trout breeding-pool at the foothills of Pirin and fishing. Climbing to Popina Laka and preparing the fish at Goran’s. A walk to the Popina Laka waterfall where adventure seekers practice canyoning and waterfall diving. Meal and break.


Program: Visit of the biggest religious temple of south-west Bulgaria – the Rozhen monastery. Then, we head towards the architectural reserve and the smallest town in the country – Melnik. The whole time we are on the territory of Melnik Rock Pyramids nature landmark. We can experience the atmosphere of the town and taste some wine, which has matured in a centuries-old winery.



KUKLENSKO (DOLL) LAKE – high mountain route

Program: We start from Popina Laka and in about 3 hours we are at Begovitsa hut. Part of our way goes through the all famous Dushevadnika, which once climbed is never forgotten. We can take a walk in the region and then go to bed. We wake up early and after we have breakfast and dring some of the famous Pirin tea, we head towards Kuklensko lake. We are faced with a three-kilometer high-mountain hiking in one direction and as much on our way back to Begovitsa hut. Don’t forget your cameras – the whole way goes through the territory of Pirin National Park. We go back to our starting point – Popina Laka after an hour and a half of walking downwards.

SPANO POLE – high mountain route

Program: We start from Popina Laka and in about 3 hours of climbing we reach Spano Pole region. We spend the night in the bungalows, called Gabkite (the mushrooms) because of their colour and shape. According to the season we can pick up some forest fruits and herbs (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries) on our way to Spano Pole lakes. Then, we go back to our starting point – Popina Laka (around 2:30 hours).



PEACE TRAIL – high mountain route

The route was developed under the aegis of UNESCO – Development in Peace.

THE IDEA: Start from a place, related to a war – a Soldier’s Grave, and go through places, visited by many people thinking about love and friendship.

PROGRAM: The trail is devided into three rays with a meeting place – Pirin hut. Route of the first ray:

1. DAY: Meeting place – Sandanski, at the Monument of the Wars Victims, where we can bow down. Transportation to Popina Laka and hiking to Begovitsa hut. We are in Kamenitsa park region, part of the territory of Pirin National Park. We stay here for the night.

2. DAY: Start from Begovitsa hut and after passing between Kuklite (dolls) and Zabat (the tooth) peaks, in 6 hours of high mountain hiking, we reach Pirin hut where the three rays meet. We are at the heart of Pirin National Park. We shake hands above the graves of our forerunners and together we build new ways, rather than hatred. Stay for the night.

3. DAY: Start from Pirin hut and in 3 hours we arrive in the village of Rozhen. We can light a candle in the Rozhen monastery and go back to our starting point – Sandanski.

Appropriate seasons:

For recreation: April – June

High-mountain:  June – October

Mountain guide – Blagoy Simov

Obligatory equipment for all routestourist shoes, jacket, backpack, raincoat

Working languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Russian

The price for transportation to the starting and final point is settled at the moment of the application.

Application: 3 days in advance for the one-day routes and 10 days – for the two- and three-day routes.

Payment in advance: 50% of the price

For more information – Tourist Information Center – Sandanski

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