Saint Haralampius Monastery

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The monastery is a monument of culture of national importance. It is mentioned in the earliest until now in Melnik three transcripts of the Gospel from XI century, kept in the National Library of Greece in Athins. The first of them indicates the supposed date of its building – 1206 and its donor – sebastos Basil Bambulinos. It was constructed as a closed architectural ensemble with semi-open narthex, the St. John Prodromos Church, a bell tower and holy spring.

The yard had a steep slope to the west side where the monastery catholicon was. There were two premises – Saint Archangel and Saint Haralampius with no narthex and under the same roof. They were richly decorated with double-layer wall paintings. Some of the now restored fragments from the beginning of XIII century and the end of XVI century can be seen in the History Museum of Blagoevgrad.

The monastery survived two severe destructions at the end of XVI century and the first half of XVIII century when significant parts of it fell down the precipice, together with the slope on which it was built. Today, only parts of the walls and foundations are preserved.

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