The monastery St. Holy Mother of God Balaklija

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The Church of the Most Holy Mother of God is located in the vicinity of Berovo, on the Berovo – Berovo Lake road, in the throat of the bregalnica Ablanechka gorge. It began to be built in 1972, and was completed in 1975 and was built in the style of the Byzantine-Macedonian churches of the Middle Ages. The monastery is male, and the monastery’s type is hesychastic. Near the monastery there was another, older church (one-nave, modest church built of crushed stone, with wooden ceiling and semicircular apse from the outside, entrance to the west side, 4 windows on the north and 3 on the south side), which was destroyed, the icons of her were transferred to the new church.

On August 28, the Christian Christian people celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos. On that occasion, on that day, Berovo is host to a church gathering that is organized every year in the monastery of the Most Holy Mother of God – Eastern Friday. On the 28th of August in Berovo come people from all over Macedonia and wider, whose number reaches up to 15,000. In the monastery, the inhabitants of the host city organize a mass celebration in honor of the holiday, with each of the visitors – pilgrims, paying tribute to the Mother of God and taking part in the festive dinner. In this way, the tradition, which lasts for ten centuries, continues.

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