Roots to Our Heritage in Katuntsi Village

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Fragments of a local wedding ritual, performed in the groom’s house before the wedding itself. The wedding days begin with the making of Furuglitsa (wedding flag). It is sewed from a red cloth, decorated with herbs and flowers and the handle is made of bamboo. The ritual is accompanied by songs. While holding the Furuglitsa the groom’s brother or the best man leads the horo dance which is a sign for the beginning of the wedding. Then, wheat is thrown in a blanket and the mother-in-law puts her wedding ring inside. The women invite the mother-in-law to swing her in the blanket and sing her songs.

The ritual includes shaving of the groom.


Take part in fragments of local rites, learn a horo dance and sing a ritual folk song.


Babin Den (Day of the Midwives) – pagan Slavic ritual (8th January) with a lot of laughter, joy, humour and fun. A big holiday, dedicated to the babi – old women, who once helped in childbirth (now – midwives) and to young wives, who have already given birth (January).

Sirnitsa /Forgiveness day/ – (7 weeks before Easter). It is the beginning of the great fast. Typical are the atskane custom and the making of ritual fires, called sirnitsi, prepared from juniper by boys and bachelors who jump over it for good health. Around the fires are danced horo dances and songs are sung, babugers sent away the evil powers. On this day everyone asks for forgiveness and visits their elder relatives, best man and maid.

Trifon Zarezan – folk ritual, the vines are clipped for a good harvest.

Baba Marta – making Martenitsi (amulets) for good health, long life and luck.

Easter – kneading kozunak (sweet bread), painting eggs, while dancing Easter horos and singing songs.

St. George’s day – preparing butter-milk, a holiday banitsa, baking a lamb


Eniov Den (St. John’s Eve) – pagan Slavic ritual, coincides with the summer solstice and the worshipping of the sun. Herbs are picked and recipes from the Bulgarian national medicine and other natural ways of treating different kinds of illnesses are presented.


Nadka Petelova will get you acquainted with the subtleties of the weaving of wall paintings (tapestries) with Christian motifs. You will paint wool in your favourite colours and will weave a colourful carpet for your home – a keepsake from the Pirin Region.

Transportation – organized transport to Katuntsi village with additional payment

Working languagesBulgarian and English

The request has to be placed one week in advance in Tourist Information Centre – Sandanski

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