Bulgarian Folklore

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  • Лесна
  • 30 минути



Detelina Women’s Folklore Group

Taking the Young Bride for Water

A local custom performed on the second day after the wedding. The bride is taken to the closest water source from where she has to bring water. She is accompanied by her father-in-law and young girls and brides. Ritual bread is broken twice, and the last piece is hanged on a fruit tree. The whole custom is accompanied by ritual songs and dances.

Duration: 45 minutes


Strimona Women’s Folklore Group

Sewing of Furuglitsa (wedding flag)

The Furuglitsa is sewed in the groom’s home. The colour of the cloth is red and it is decorated with white lace, herbs and flowers. The handle of the Furuglitsa is made only from bamboo. Ritual bread is broken, songs for the newly-wed are sung and a horo (traditional cyrcle dance) is led by the bride’s brother-in-law or the best man while holding the flag.

Duration: 30 minutes


Zdrave Women’s Folklore Group


Sedyanka is a celebration for every Bulgarian, young and old. A time when everyone has fun, sings and dances. Young girls and boys listen to stories and legends told by their grandparents and use them as life guidelines.

Duration: 30 minutes



1.         Folklore songs from the Pirin region

2.         Folklore dances from the Pirin region

3.         Bulgarian pop music

4.        Hip-hop dances

Minimal number of participants: 6 people

Duration: 5 lessons (40 minutes)



Nikola Vaptsarov Ensemble

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble (chamber group) 6 orchestrates, 3 soloists и 8 dancers /4 women and 4 men/

Men’s Folklore Group

10 singers and an orchestra of 6 instrumentalists

 Folklore Medley

Women’s Folk Choir (16 singers), Men’s Folklore Group (10 singers) and an orchestra of 6 instrumentalists

Mladost Women’s group for old city songs

Guitar and Mandolin Orchestra

Zvanche Children’s Vocal Group

Performs popular songs of Bulgarian and foreign singers

Duration of all programs: 30 minutes

The request has to be placed one week in advance in Tourist Information Centre – Sandanski.

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