I make my own wine

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  • Лесна


In spring (April-May), alone or with friends, you can make your own wine with help from Villa Melnik winery. You will have 260 vines of varieties of your choice, marked with your name for one growing cycle.

Your wine will have a “history” which will be introduced to you by an expert. You will visit “your” vines, where, if you want, you can participate in different practical activities throughout the year – pruning, plucking, thinning and grape harvest. Of course, at the end you will have your own 225 liters barrel, where your wine will “grow old”. During the fermentation, filtration and sedimentation of wine you will follow its maturing together with an oenologist. You can make a blend, take part in its bottling and then leave with 250 bottles of your own wine with your own etiquette.

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