Sinanitsa hut

Sinanitsa hut


Proprietor: Sinanitsa Tourist Society, Kresna

Contact us: +359/887/494915, +359/896/798040

GPS: 41.732 490ºN 23.362530ºЕ

Location: Northern Pirin, Sinanitsa cirque on the northern coast of Sinanitsa lake, 2203meters above sea level.

Description: The hut has a capacity of 53 seats, external bathrooms and bathroom. It is heated by solid fuel and its own electrical supply. The hut has a tourist canteen, kitchen and buffet.

Starting point: From the town of Kresna – 24 km asphalt, macadam and dirt road to the Peshterata and 3 hours walk from there.

Neighboring spots:

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Momin peak (2480m.) – 2:00 hours

Goliamo Spano Pole cirque – 1.30 hours

Georgiyski cirque – 2.30 hours

Vihren hut – 4:00 hours

Begovitsa (Kamenica) hut – 4.30 hours

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