Welcome to the MEGADAN Academy of Sciences in the village of Vladimirovo

Mirčovsky John

070 / 924-974

Restaurant “AN MEGDAN” is located in the heart of the Berovo village of Vladimirovo.
A place where you can enjoy the wonderful flavors of the traditional Maleshevo cuisine and the charcoal grill.

Here is a blend of the beautiful with the traditional.

An exceptional place for relaxation are the rooms with views from one side to the hills and the mountains, and on the other side with a view of the village and the rustic structure of the houses.

Near the restaurant are the churches “St.Ilia” and “St.Spas”, and not far from the village there is a monastery where you can simultaneously enjoy the beauty that nature offers here.
If you are a fan of the famous Maleshevian cheese here you can visit the sheepfold and see the way cheese is made.

Not far from the village there is an archaeological site Baraica-Neolithic settlement.

AN MEGDAN, go, stay, enjoy the snack, in the ambient style of traditional Malesh cuisine and architecture.

Once you visit and re-enter.