Melnik is not just a town. Melnik is an unrecognized history and state of mind. For centuries, he has kept treasures from the heyday of Bulgarian culture among sand mills and stone walls.

And while ancient wisdom says – “Do not go back to where you’ve ever been happy,” how long can you resist memories, do not yield to emotions, suppress the desire to come back again ?! How long can you resist not returning to the smallest city of Bulgaria and Europe? The city of figs. The Melnik wine. Preserved in the memory of the cobblestone streets, fortress walls, churches and monasteries stories from the time of Emperor Trajan, Khan Presian, Tsar Samuil, despot Alexei Slav, boyar Dakota. For a stormy bloom followed by a decadent decline. About the Renaissance and the Rebuilding. How to erase the enchanting flavor of the green fig sweet you tasted here for the first time? How to forget the scent of rude red wine. How do you ignore the euphoria, the joy, the excitement that you have overcome every time you have seen exquisite objects of historic value, authentic frescoes hidden beneath meters of stones and soil in front of your eyes? It is impossible!

It is impossible to forget the feeling of going back in time, and every time you come back, you can rediscover an unprecedented story!


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