Berovo is located in the Maleshevia, in the far eastern part of Macedonia, on both banks of the river Bregalnica. According to one of the legends, the town of Berovo got the name when people from the surrounding villages and settlements began to “pick up" in the Malesevo valley.


Almost all populated areas in Maleshevia exist at least one well-preserved or renovated church. They are of different historical and cultural-artistic value, filled with beautiful iconostasis, drawn from the top Maleshevski masters, decorated with original and artfully valuable icons. The icons of the iconostasis, as well as other icons owned by the churches, are recorded by the Institute for the Protection of Monuments and are protected by law.


Troubled in the slopes of the Maleshevo Mountains, Berovo and the surrounding area of ​​the weekend hosted dozens of guests, determined to start the development of alternative tourism in the country from there. The initiator of the idea is the Association for Balkan Alternative Tourism – Balkania, in which besides Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Italy are members. For the first time Balkan Weekend organized for the first time an Forum for Alternative Tourism, within which Berovo was selected as an initial destination from Macedonia precisely because of the excellent preconditions for the development of this type of tourism.

Place to rest

You can be accommodated in beautiful cottages or in traditional style hotels in which you can spend wonderful and memorable moments. You can find bacillas or mountain cottages where sheep are grown traditionally and you can see the preparation of the well-known Maleshevo cheese. If you come to Berovo, you will certainly want it again.